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Bridges, Beats and Beaches Top Trumps Bundle Card Game

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Travel the world in style with this new bundle of Top Trumps games. A feast for the eyes and the ears, discover the wonders around us via sights, sounds and structures in three of our favorite editions of the classic card game. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the Rialto, Ponte Vecchio and beyond, examine some of the most remarkable feats of human engineering with our Greatest Bridges deck. Which is longest, oldest, or furthest from DC? Then from bridges of metal and stone, to bridges, verses, choruses and chords, with our Musical Instruments deck! Learn about thirty of the most beloved and respected instruments from around the world, like the grand piano, electric guitar, didgeridoo, trombone and ukulele. Discover musical terms, classic and contemporary musicians, prices, the history behind each instrument, and much more. Speaking of history, check out our Wonders of the World deck for a little natural history. Read up on such famous landmarks and locations as Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, the Sahara Desert and the Amazon rainforest. Which is hotter, deeper, taller, or more dangerous? With three fascinating packs to get stuck into, this bundle is perfect for players eager to learn more about the world around them, and understand how geography, art, creativity and culture collide. Bon voyage!

Key Features

  • Prepare to outsmart your opponents, and discover new and exciting facts in three of our most adventurous games
  • Top Trumps brings music and geography to life across Top Trumps: Wonders of the World, Musical Instruments and Greatest Bridges
  • A learning journey from the Seven Mile Bridge to the Pont du Gard, via Scotland, Greece and Hawaii!
  • Each game comes in a handy carry case for easy storage and transportation
  • A perfect family game, ideal for vacations and playing with friends

Additional Information:

Barcode Number : 885996005938

Product Item Code: WM03651-EN2-6

Product Dimensions MM: 235mm x 275mm x 24mm

Product Dimensions Inches: 9.25in x 10.82in x 0.95in

Suitable Age: 6+

Number of Players: 2+