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Deadliest Predators Top Trumps Card Game Bundle

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Gather round, explorers. We’ve assembled three of our most adventurous games for you to get your teeth into! Discover some of the fiercest creatures ever to roam the Earth with this roar-some bundle of three decks of Top Trumps: Dinosaurs, Predators and Sharks. In our Dinosaurs pack, compare the height, weight and intelligence of thirty ancient predators and battle it out to discover who is the most deadly. Hunt for the heaviest, stealthiest and most dangerous members of the animal kingdom in the Predators pack, then explore the depths of the ocean with our Sharks pack — will you snag the biggest, most powerful or most mysterious sharks? These packs contain everything from the great white to the hammerhead, the T. rex to the diplodocus, plus lions, tigers and bears! With its trademark combination of fast-paced gameplay and fascinating stats, this pack is sure to prove entertaining and eye-opening. Just watch out for those claws!

Key Features

  • Prepare to outsmart your opponents, and discover new and exciting animal facts in three of our most popular games
  • Top Trumps brings the natural world to life with Top Trumps Dinosaurs, Predators and Sharks
  • Battle it out with the triceratops, the Iguanodon and the Brachiosaurus - which has the highest Killer Rating?
  • Show your teeth with a range of crocodiles, piranhas and snakes!
  • Don’t hold your breath as you come face to face with the mako shark and the tiger shark!

Additional Information:

Barcode Number : 885996005358

Product Dimensions MM: 235mm x 275mm x 24mm

Product Dimensions Inches: 9.25in x 10.82in x 0.95in

Suitable Age: 6+

Number of Players: 2+