Texas Trumps Card Game - 30 Things to See

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Hitch a ride to the Lone Star State and discover 30 Things to See in Texas with this exciting new pack of Top Trumps. Discover the rich cultural and historical significance of the second-largest US state as you battle it out for the title of Top Trump. Read up on thirty of the finest attractions Texas has to offer, like Houston’s Space Center, the Texas State Capitol in Austin, Lake Texoma just north of Dallas, and the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi. Pick your best stats from five categories — including Cost, Visitors, Year Established, Visit Time and our very own Top Trumps Must See rating — and compete with friends and family using your knowledge of Texas and its sights. Each card contains a stunning photograph of these local hotspots, plus a custom bio that tells you all you need to know about the area. From natural wonders to man-made miracles, Texans and visitors alike are sure to find plenty of marvels. Who knows, you might just be inspired to take a vacation soon!

Key Features

  • An entertaining, educational card game featuring the highlights of Texas
  • Play Top Trumps anytime, anywhere, with as many people as you like
  • Find out how old the Alamo is, and how popular the AT&T Stadium is
  • Easy-to-carry plastic case means there are no limits on gameplay
  • Prepare to outsmart your opponents, discover new and exciting Texas facts and duel your way to becoming the Top Trump!

Additional Information:

Barcode Number:  885996005082

Product Item Code:  WM02030-EN2-6

Product Dimensions:  3.35in x 5.5in inch x 0.79in

Suitable Age:  6+

Number of Players:  2+