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The Main Line Edition Monopoly Board Game

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Pay a visit to the bustling Main Line in this stunning new edition of Monopoly! The moniker "Main Line" is a reference to the Pennsylvania Railroad Train Line that was created in the area around the 1850s. But the Main Line is in itself an area full of pride outside of Philadelphia and known for some of its mansions and historic homes. The area represents a ton of different towns, depending on who you ask, as everyone has a different definition of what the "Main Line" is. Now you can buy up iconic locations and own a piece of this historic Pennsylvania region, like the Dixon Meadow, the General Anthony Wayne monument, and Bryn Mawr College. Take in the night life by enjoying a cold drink at Cornerstone or a signature sandwich at Nick Filet in Paoli. Pick up Chance and Community Chest cards for unexpected prizes and penalties, but watch out for those tax spaces! The Main Line is historic in its own way, but there is no better way to get a real representation of the area than by playing Main Line MONOPOLY.

Key Features

  • The world’s favorite family board game brings you another exciting edition of MONOPOLY – Main Line!
  • Choose your favorite token, tour your favorite sites and accumulate fortunes, but watch out for taxes, jail and bankruptcy
  • Advance to Ardmore Train Station, Main Point Books, and Treehouse World – will you owe rent or reap the rewards?
  • Invest in houses and hotels and trade your way to success
  • Hasbro’s Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game is fun for adults and children, and makes a great gift
  • Great gift for Monopoly fans and Main Line residents

Additional Information:

Barcode Number:  885996005549

Product Item Code:  WM03160-EN2-6

Product Dimensions:  270mm x400mm x52mm

Product Dimensions:  10.6in x 15.7in inch x 2.04in

*Suitable Age: 8+ Not suitable for children under the age of 8 years due to small parts which could cause a choking hazard

Number of Players:  2+

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