Top Trumps – The world's coolest card game!
Everybody loves Top Trumps. They're fast-paced, super competitive, and easy for anyone to pick up and enjoy. They're also a great tool for teaching and learning; whether it's teaching kids the size of jungle predators or introducing them to the history of the USA through the US Presidents pack.Whether you’re into Volcanoes or Star Wars, US History or Harry Potter, there’s a pack for you!
Educational Benefits
Top Trumps has been a best-selling game in England since the 1970s, with over 80 million packs sold in the last 10 years alone. Part of the game’s success has been through its role in education, with Top Trumps forming a part of teacher learning plans throughout the UK.In 2011 the National Children’s Bureau in England carried out research into the role of Top Trumps in education. It found that Top Trumps improves children’s literacy and numeracy skills, while also enabling them to practice their decision making abilities. For the full report from the NCB, please click here.